Sweden Rowhouses

Terraced houses in Sweden

Villa Eleven

Modern 115 m2 villa

Metsä Wood Factory

Factory elements 1800 m2

Villa Ten

An effective and practical 140 m2 villa

Villa Innovative

An innovative and practical 150 m2 private house

Villa One

A luxurious and modern 200 m2 private house

Villa Youth

A 110 m2 private house with a striking design

Villa Gilsa

A 250 m2 Scandinavian private house

Villa Two

A classic, spacious 200 m2 private house

Villa Three

A stylish and compact 90 m2 private house

Villa Traditional

A traditional 130 m2 private house

Villa Rock

A private house measuring 190 m2 with a brick lining

China Holiday Village

Holiday villages and restaurants for China

Norway Rowhouses

Terraced houses in Norway

Villa Four

A liberating 60 m2 summer cottage

Villa Five

A luxurious 200 m2 private house

Villa Seven

A 200 m2 private house filled with light

Villa Eight

A classic 60 m2 summer house/sauna

Villa Nine

A modern 110 m2 villa