Saaremaa Houses offers a product range of high quality garden houses and energy efficient element houses.
The garden house range consists of hundreds of different houses. The main wall thicknesses of the houses are 28, 44 and 70 mm. When there is a demand of another wall thickness, we can produce them as well.
The element house range consists of tens of different houses. These houses are meant to live in the whole year and are therefore built up from very energy efficient materials. The customer can find houses from 50 m2 to 300 m2. In addition to private houses, the company also produces modular row and appartment houses. For a specific price offer please contact us.
We do cooperation with various architectural bureaus. Our main partner is one of the leading architectural bureaus in Estonia called TEMPT (
The company has exported garden houses to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Finland, Czech Republic and China. Element houses have found their home in Sweden, Norway and ofcourse Estonia.
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Villa Gilsa

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Villa Ten

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